(Closed) ATC practice @ KOAK

I will be doing ATC at KOAK, on TS1. If anyone wants to come feel free! I should be there for an hour or so.

*Serious Pilots only

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Oooooohhh sounds fun! Joining now

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I don’t know why. But I think we might have a guy thats trolling us.

What? Whos doing the troll

He has the call sign:

I think he might be a hacker, because he has been teleporting everywhere.

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I see him on the map. Anyway, thanks for the quick delivery! Nice job.

Nice to see people on! :D

My pleasure. I love the feedback!

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Just flew some patterns around your area as ExecJet 828 in the Decathlon.

You had me line up and wait on 33 for no reason at all, and just sit there for a few minutes. There was nobody on any other runway while I was sitting there. No arrivals, one departure but he was on 30 and already well north of the airport. Not sure why you did that… Any reason why?

Also had to go around 5 consecutive times in a row before I decided to make the switch to runway 30. I can understand if you forget to give me my clearance once or twice but five times in a row when there’s hardly any traffic at the airport is not good. I even sent you a call or two when I was on final but just got “Roger” back from you.


Also when I request a runway change and you can accept, you need to give me a pattern entry before giving me my landing clearance. Ex - “ExecJet 828, enter right downwind runway 30.”

You also had someone lined up on 30 while I was turning base on my first approach into 30. No reason to even have him line up and wait, just give him the takeoff clearance. There was nobody departing so there was no reason to have him line up and wait.

I announced my go around on short final while he was still sitting there, but after that you told me to make a left 360 for spacing. Any idea why you did this? A go around command would’ve been the correct command to issue at that time.

Decided to head back to 33 for a full stop a bit later, and never got my landing clearance… Only got one landing clearance that whole flight and did about 15 go arounds…

There’s obviously some stuff you need to work on.

I recommend you watch these ATC tutorials on YouTube, they’re very helpful.



@cleipelt Layin down the law 😱


Lol no, just trying to help out one of our potentional future controllers.


Hey thanks! The guy that was lined up was cleared multiple times. Also I recall you requesting a ton of go-arounds. The sim might have not been working properly, thats why there may have been some strange atc mistakes. I hope you enjoyed though! Thanks for helping me!

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Are you still there at KOAK? Just red this 2 hr after your post. So if while inclass I would’ve checked like I usually
do then I would’ve been starting to learn how to follow an ATC tower… cause I never did and still at grade 2 and a TL1. Add me on infinite pilots so I I know when you are at my hometown Oakland’s Airport.

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