[Closed] ATC Practice @ KOAK - 1930Z

Opening KOAK (Oakland Intl, San Francisco) on Playground at 19:30Z to practice my ATC-ing. Please stop by if you are free! Feedback from experienced ATCs is appreciated!

@B767fan, @grxninesix, @scandinaviangroup, @Cayler, @cordes, @Winner580, @The_simulation_nerd, @MarioWHVGER


Will come after I finish my TSK flight :)


Perfect, see you!

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Can’t come.

how long you there for ? // Recruiter

Dont forget to fill the flight report :)

We font have KOAK in our routes :/

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If you use turn base on me to control my pattern ill fail you so quick on advanced test.

I was there one hour, closed now!

Point one: ok
Point two: what?

Who cares? Just come and test me a bit if you’re available, we can’t operate anywhere.

i will come

I closed already.

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When a aircraft has taken off with ‘Remaining in the pattern’, they are already in the pattern. 'Enter left/right/ …/straight in is only used:

  1. for a arriving aircraft to enter the pattern for landing
  2. for a runway change for a aircraft in the pattern

I know, never did that, that’s why I’m confused.

Ahh… Did you use ‘Enter Left Base’ to tell someone in the pattern to turn base?

I was there and I heard you telling aircraft to “enter left downwind”, “I’ll call your base”… You must sequence the aircraft using the Sequence command which is found in the Pattern instructions section.


That’s because someone called inbound on downwind. If I remember correctly it was Mario (@MarioWHVGER). I know, I’m always sequencing.