(CLOSED) ATC Practice @ KNUQ (NOT KNUC!) - 2100Z PG

My Callsign IFIA091

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Wow, That was a mess. Not Your Fault… PG Ughhh
Anyways Good job on your part!
5/5 Stars

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Dude, I can’t stand the people on PG. All the peanuts flocked to my location. I had Blently do 2 go arounds while I was dealing with them. I was distracted and couldn’t focus. Near the end it got better. @Tecnam2TA also had to do a go around. It was a mess.

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@Robertdiaz123 Great job! Also well done with accepting my runway change request. Below I have listed some notes that you may find helpful:

  • When clearing someone for the option, unless you are changing their pattern direction (left or right traffic), there is no need to say “after the option make left/right traffic”. Only “cleared for the option”. It is understood to continue making the same direction in the pattern. When I requested runway change and you wanted me to switch to making left traffic, that was an appropriate time to use it since you wanted me to change from what I was previously instructed.

  • Avoid late landing/option clearances. Never clear an aircraft while it’s on final. Clearance should be given before then. On downwind or early base stages is appropriate to clear an aircraft to land/option.

  • When you closed, the only message you gave was “closing in 1 minute”. Avoid closing without further notice. Example “closing in 5” then “closing in 2” then “closing in 1” and finally but also very importantly is “frequency closed, good day!” message. The “frequency closed, good day!” message should be sent even if you had to leave on short notice.

Well I hope this helps you some. Feel free to PM me for further questions, etc.

Overall, well done and thanks for service! I had fun.

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What? I didn’t do a go around. I nailed a perfect touch and go every time. I don’t know what you’re talking about lol.

Thanks for coming. I feel I did rather poor as I stated before. Especially with managing the flow of it. Like I said, those pesky people who don’t follow directions. And I thought you did a go around? I could be wrong. Your landings were spot on tho.

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Thx. And no I didn’t do a go around at all. You must be thinking of someone else.

You did great! Not poor.

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ATC practice At KNUQ:

So, I’ve been replaced

Yes,if you want me to leave i will :)

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You can stay, I got enough done

I was the fighter jet BTW :) navy 32.can you come to KNUQ ?

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Can’t now, I’m busy

Ok,Thanks for great controlling :)

Sorry man, was at school, good luck on test

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So Sorry man. Was Sleeping when you created the post.

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Yea, I forgot you’re on the other side of the world

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Sorry I missed it. I was out.

I’m taking my test this week too!

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