(Closed) ATC Practice @ KMLI - 1800Z

Hey everyone,
currently training for my practical IFATC test as I passed my theoretical one with 84%.

Therefore, I’d like to make a huge last training session with experienced players and feedback.
Specifically, this session will take place at KMLI (Quad City Int’l / Chicago Region), today at 18:00Z (135 minutes from now). Make sure to stop by for a few patterns!

@CJ12 @Samuel123abc @anon66442947 @Cayler @IceBlue @aviationluver @Benny87654321 @scandinaviangroup @cordes @MarioWHVGER

See you, whoever’s coming,


You Forget to tag me 😎

Nice :)

Working on the TSE routes currently but will pop along if I remember (another tag pls).

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Because I can only tag 10 persons and so far you didn’t appear to many of my sessions. So I rather tag those who come frequently.

I’ll try to come!

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I’ll be there :)

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Remind me 15 min before it and I’ll try to make it

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Yeah, but it only took me one attempt :P

@Benny87654321 @IceBlue
Session starting in 20 minutes!

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1 min before you are late, that would be a bad first impression. ;)

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Opening now.
@Aernout I’m utterly sorry, I had to clean the floor in the guestroom ;)


Hehe ;)

  • Next time when someone is on short final and you start a session don’t bother them
  • when you already gave a pilot “after the option make right pattern” you can leave the pattern direction and only tell him “cleared for the option”
  • no speed instructions below 1500 feet / 5 miles.

Otherwise good job from my side!


Base call for the prop was too early as I am sure you are aware 😉

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Also if someone is turning crosswind too early use ‘extend upwind’

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And you’re in control to remember. Having prop in the same pattern at 772s is not smart when you have multiple runways to use

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Stop spamming the forum Misha, dont be so lazy to edit your reply.


Concentrate on flying Aernout. Don’t want you forgetting to put the gear down as always