(Closed) ATC Practice @ KLGA (New York) TS1

I’m controlling LGA come fly patterns 757/321 are the largest I will accept due to small taxiways so don’t any larger aircraft


Coming. Callsign: N-90D

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I’ll maybe come in a A319 ACA Livery

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  1. Give exit instructions while aircraft are on the ground (not the air)
  2. Be careful with sequencing. You cleared me as #1 despite there still being aircraft I was following who were on final.
  3. Utilize intersecting runways. Perhaps using 22 for inbounds, and 13 for departures or vice versa?

Good job.

  1. My camera was messed I couldn’t see you well

  2. Wouldn’t that mix things up if he was number 2 and you were number 2?

  3. That’s how everything loses control

  1. You don’t need a camera to tell for exit instructions. Simple:
    Find altitude of airport. Divide by 100 and round, that is the altitude on the flight strip on your radar screen airplanes will be at when they are on the ground. Then wait for them to be at half of their normal speed, that will guarantee you always get it right. I promise, a bad camera will not be a valid excuse on your practical.
  2. He was number one to land, so you should have said “number two, cleared for the option”, after giving me the sequence. Sequences automatically change based on the landing aircraft. So if I was number three, for example, and the number 1 aircraft had just landed, I would then become number 2 automatically, and you would clear me as such.
  3. You wouldn’t lose control. It’s very simple. One aircraft would line up on one runway while the landing aircraft is landing on the intersecting runway. When they pass the intersection, you clear them for takeoff. You will get inbounds and outbounds processed more effectively this way.

Hope this explains it better.

  1. How would that work with pattern? Would you take off on runway then land on another?

Yup. Let’s use runway 13, for example. I would takeoff, and if you wanted me to use 22, you would give me a pattern instruction to enter for 22, and give me the appropriate sequencing and/or clearance as appropriate. Or, another strategy is to dedicate specific runways for pattern work, and others for inbounds. So you could use 13 for patterns and departures, and 22 for inbounds.

To summarize, the goal is to spread all of your traffic over all of the runways you have at your command.

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