[CLOSED] ATC Practice @ KJFK - 122220ZAPR17

@C_Baccari will confirm but probaly Stewart approach and departure. I have KJFK approach and departure

You can take KSWF Dep. & Appr. if you’d like.

Thank you - Stewart only has approach though. So I’ll do APP

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Are you quite good at radar controlling? We need quality for this

I’m in the process of applying for IFTSATC right now. I have 3-4 months experience and I’m Grade 3. I think that I’m a descent controller, I know pretty well how to vector ILS approaches and issue other vectors.

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As long as you know the difference between flight following, check in and radar vectors

Flight following is where you just track them, give no vectors unless absolutely needed to avoid accidents. Once the pilot checks in, I have full control, and he has to request altitude change(except when I say not needed in a VFR FF) and he has to request to change freq or vice versa to leave. Radar vectors is a simple vector to the general airspace of the airport( I think).

Am I right or not?

Cough** looks very similar to something I’m doing ;) good luck mate.

Thanks @SkyHighGuys 👍. So could I have been a controller for your NY expedition?

Hello everyone! Sorry for such a short notice, but I will not be able to control in this event today. I will control for another one of your events, @C_Baccari. Please remove me from this PM. Thank you for understanding.


I will look into hiring you next time. Until then, goodday.

Let me head online now. You will receive updates on the 0s in the PM

Event is now closed.

I will be doing another ATC event on the evening on Friday, April the 21st. Goodday & Goodweek.

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