[CLOSED] ATC Practice @ KJFK - 122220ZAPR17

Help me practice for ATC. Anyone is welcome to show up at KJFK in the New York region on TS1 tomorrow evening for ATC services. I will open ground/tower at 22Z to see if I can attract non-forum crowds as well. I’ll be active until 2310Z.

Anyone willing to come to the ATC event will join a group PM to hear updates on possible start/end time changes, or change of location. I might have someone provide a center frequency as well. edit, the position is now filledAlso let me know if this should be in events.

Doesn’t exist anymore… :)


Fine, TS1. I’ll change that now.

I can take radar services for you if you want.

I’m experienced and know what i’m doing

Sure, you can take Stewart Center. The position is NOW FILLED

Uhhh ok but nobody, NOBODY uses center. Approach and departure are more useful as people are too low to be in Center’s airspace


Okay then, you can take Stewart Approach.

and departure? You can take 2 at once and it smooths everything

And what about KJFK radar?

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Alright then. Cool. This ATC event needs a good transition frequency.

Can you take two different airports?

So i’ll take KJFK appr and depart and can send people to KLGA and KJFK and long beach, i’ll see if i can get anyone on Stewarts tower and ground or radar

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Yeah, that’s okay. Can the person you find let me know?

Will try and come along and do some flying for you!

Does it start at 22:20hrs Zulu? (just want to check the time as you say you will finish at 18:10Zulu which is either a very long session or there is some time travel involved!)

I was thinking my own time zone. No, it ends at 2310Z.

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great, will try and make it (little late for me but sure be ok!)

Cool! Just don’t tire yourself out!

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I’ll try to come as well! I love JFK!

Great! The more people that show up, the more patience I have to deal with as both Ground/Tower, especially if I can attract non-forum members. And that’s good.

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Can I Please take a radar position