[CLOSED] ATC Practice @ KASE - 212252ZAPR17

Help me practice for ATC again. Anyone is welcome to show up at KASE in the Denver region on TS1 tomorrow night for ATC services. I will open ground/tower at 2232Z to see if I can attract non-forum crowds. Services will go until 2332Z. Throughout my hour of controlling, (forty min of event) I will post updates at 2243, 2253, 2303, 2313, & 2323. They will contain information such as runway info, frequency status in the region, and traffic at KASE & if needed, at other airports. I am also taking volunteers for departure & or approach if you’d like, but it’s not mandatory. I know it’s parallel to FNF, but FNF hasn’t been announced yet.😎

This is cancelled. Goodday. Next event will be May 1.

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