[Closed] ATC Practice @ EGLC (Training Server 2)

Would be appreciated if any IFATCs could stop by and give me a few pointers! Anybody is appreciated!

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I’ll stop on by. :)

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I’d stop by but I’m out for supper! I hope your session goes well!! 👍🏼

I’ll come in a moment.

Forgot to plug in my iPad. RIP stats.

I’ll be back

Did sooooooooooooooooooo bad on go around and touch and goes, may need to practice those 😉

@Henrik @Bluepanda900

Very proud of this image


Post this on the community members on live thread!

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Excellent work man. Thanks for the service. :)

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That thread is lost to me. I’m sick after getting thousands of notifications so I muted it basically ;)

@Bluepanda900, @Henrik, @ColonelJeff, @AlaskaVirtual, any tips?

Sequence and clear as early as possible. Other than that, it was great. :)

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Not really, you did good. At one point I requested to land full stop and you gave me options for a touch and go but it’s no biggie.

Good job

Sorry. Must have missed that. Luckily option means you can land.

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Not that I can think of. You did great! I tried to test you by doing things like stopping in the middle of the runway, and going too fast. You handled it pretty well.

One: you cleared me for a touch and go without me requesting it

You said remaining in the pattern ;). You don’t need to request it, I already know you’re inbound.

Still post it, you’ll get a lot of likes, plus I would like to be represented on there lol 😉

If I do this tomorrow, would you guys be interested?


I’d be willing to.