[CLOSED] ATC Practice @ EGBB

I want to improve my skills so please only serious pilots, thanks !

This belongs in #live:atc. If a @moderators or someone can move this there…

Also it would help to provide active runways, metar info, and possibly even runway designations (one for arrivals, one for departures, etc.)

Just some tips to make your post more contributing to the community.

EDIT: someone moved the topic where it belongs.

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I’ll be joining shortly

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Are you still there? Sorry, I had to do something but I can join now.

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Yes, I’m still there for 40 more minutes :)

Roger that, expect to see DLVA288.

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Sorry, my one year old copilot is sleeping on my right arm so I couldn’t stay longer…
All ok with controlig, thank you.
Croatia 1

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It’s fine, thank you for your support !

Great controlling until more people joined, spacing is key when controlling. Other than that, great job out there.


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