[Closed] ATC practice @ EGBB Playground - 20:30Z

Il be opening Birmingham airport in the London region for a bit tonight.

Pattern work accepted and all others too.

If any experienced ATC’s would pop by and give me some feedback that would be great.

Hopefully see you there :)


@BavariaAVIATION @masonh2479

Sorry, not able to come.

Not able to come as well. Sorry

Joining in 1 min

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It’s not until 20:30

I’ll come :)

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I’ll come for some patterns, good chance to practice my landings.

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how long will you be controlling? I will be parking my plane and taking a quick break, maybe a couple of patterns after that

I can’t, I’m going to buy Live+ tomorrow…

Thanks for all that come, got abit busy in the last 20 minuets a few people who didn’t listen but 99 percent did and was rather enjoyable!