[CLOSED] ATC practice @ EGBB on TS1

Hello pilots

I’ve opened Tower and Ground at Birmingham on TS1 in order to practice for the IFATC practical.
Experienced pilots are invited to test me and leave some feedback which is highly appreciated.

RWY in use: 33
wind conditions: 250@9KT

Hope to see you there!


Good job, and best of luck on your practical.


  1. When only one aircraft in your pattern, don’t be afraid to give clearence early.
  2. Wait for aircrafts to be on the ground before you give an exit instruction. For a large aircraft, waiting until 70kn is fine, but for a cesna, which I was using, you should wait until they are a little slower, since cesnas can still fly at 70kn.

@Reedgreat Thanks a lot for your participation!

What means “early” to you? I’ve been instructed to wait with clearances until the aircraft is on downwind.
Well I guess I’ve not seen that you’re still in the air then, I need to check that next time :)

Thanks a lot again for coming and the feedback!


Specifically when there is one aircraft in the pattern, you can give it immediately, even if they are upwind.

But if you see a conflict, or many aircraft in the pattern, it is best to wait until you are 100% sure about the final sequencing.


OK, that’s a good advice, thanks!

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