[CLOSED] ATC practice @ EDDL TS1 (round 2)

Hello everyone

I would like to practice my ATC skills and would be interested in some feedback, so come and fly around in the Amsterdam region on TS1 if you like, EHAM is currently opened as well. Hope to see you there!

Coming right now, don’t know for how long.

How long will you be open? :)

Do you want feedback here or in a private message?

I’ll try as long as I can, but surely for 20 more minutes :)

It doesn’t matter to me, proceed as preferred ;)

@Captain_Joel, so here is some feedback. Overall, there are quite a few places for improvement:

  • Speed - in the beginning there were only four or five airacft and it took you three minutes to give me Taxi clearance. This will come with time
  • When taking off - you never told me to hold short, instead you just left my message there, allowing two other aircraft to take off at different points down the runway, even though I requested first. Remeber to use the “hold short” command,
  • You don’t need to give a Pattern entry instruction, when I am remaining in the pattern.
  • Sequencing - what happened? If there is more than one aircraft in the pattern you need to sequence by number.
  • Cleared for landing - please do it earlier, you cleared me when I was 300 AGL.

Some improvement is needed before becoming IFATC, message me if you have any questions. I highly suggest finding a scout to help with some of your controller skills;


Hi Joel, here is the feedback from both @Adrien and myself.

Your plane management was nice! You handled the traffic really smoothly and didn’t freak out, which is good by the way. You have absolute potential to become a skilled air traffic controller on the expert server.

Of course, there are some areas which you should improve. In particular that you should learn which command to use at which situation. In your case, you mixed up the left and right base terms. You told Adrien to enter right base 23R when he was on left downwind 23L. So you should have said enter left base 23R. Just to help you remember it, here is a nice image:

Next, the sequencing. You did tell me that I was number 3, behind the plane on left downwind (which was good). But you did tell me that with a pattern entry. You don’t need to enter me in the pattern when I am already in the pattern. Just use the sequence button (for questions, just pm for more clarification).

Next is switching runways. In this case, I was on left downwind for 23L, then you cleared me for 23R. But first, you should have told me to enter the pattern for 23R. So enter left downwind 23R. You simply missed a step, not that of a big deal though.

Then for exciting the runway. In Adriens case, you told him to exit ground and contact ground. But you told him to switch to ground after that. Which wasn’t necessary since he would have switched to ground later on by himself, since you told him to in the first message.

Okay, that was our feedback. Seems like a lot but these are minor issues actually, so no worries. You have a lot of potential because you handled the traffic really nicely. Good job! Are you planning to become an IFATC? (If I typed something wrong, let me know).


First, sorry for my mistake after take-off, stil don’t know what is left and right 🙉

Feedback from my side, you don’t need to give pattern instruction after T&G, only if you want to change runway, and you don’t need to give left/ right traffic when you clear for the option unless is first T&G or you want to change side.

All other ok, very nice.
Croatia 1

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Thank you very much for your detailed feedback, I appreciate that a lot! That with the taxi clearance isn’t that nice of course, as well with the hold short command.
That thing with the sequencing, was far as I remember you were the only one on the left pattern of 23L, and unfortunately it’s not possible to sequence you as number one with the sequence button, so I’ve waited with the landing clearance because I had two planes holding short which I wanted to get out first. I guess I should have given you some pattern instructions (extend downwind or calling your base) in this particular case. But then I got surprised of the size of your pattern which was way smaller than expected and I had a plane on the runway when you were on base, that’s the reason for the late clearance in the end. Anyway, I’ll try to improve your points as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Well that with the exchanged bases is annoying me a bit tbh xD But anyway, the point with the pattern entry is really nice to know as it’s saving a lot of unnecessary instructions. And yes, I am considering to become an IFATC, as much as I love it to fly myself, it’s nice to have another opportunity to enjoy this simulator. And last but not least, to be a controller at LSZH after the global release would be pretty cool as well.


Thanks a lot for your participation and feedback. I appreciate your tips and will try to improve them a soon as possible.

No problem - there was a heavy in the pattern at the same time. Overall, decent work though


@Captain_Joel I am at EDDL I’m doing Approach and Departure.

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