[CLOSED] ATC Practice @ EDDL on TS1

Good [insert time of day] to you, I’ll be opening ATC at Dusseldorf for at least an hour or so. Please feel free to come out. Arrivals on 23R, Departures on 23L. A quick note, if you’ll be doing pattern work please be realistic and listen to instructions. I expect to see patterns in the triple seven with much longer legs than the 172, so keep it clean so that everyone can have a great time. As always, criticism and compliments are equally welcome via PM. Hope to see you there!


No need to give traffic direction ( make right traffic) after every t&g, only during take off clearance, rnw changing or if you like to change direction.


You can use “exit runway” command on a better way, together with “cross runway” and “hold short” commands, very usefull at airports with two paralel runways.


Excellent observations! Your points make sense to me. Thank you for coming out to help me improve, I appreciate your critique and time.


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