GND/TWR/APP Are online at EGNX all forms of flight accepted (IFR/VFR)

And FAA Regs will try and be used! Welcom @Tim_B 😄

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Aha, I put this in the wrong category…

Sorry about that, fixed

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Could you tag the approach controller please? Just makes contacting them easier 😉

Is it still open ???

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Yes it is, probably for another hour

That would be me, i have 2 IPads…

😂😂 sorry didn’t realise. Unconventional to say the least

Haha, very true!!

Hopefully see you at EGNX?!

I’ll be coming now in my SR22, G-JOHN

I’ll be coming Speedbird 105

Thank you very much!

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I was purposely being mildly annoying and confusing to test you- good overall, lots of potential:

Ground ops a little shaky- I got cleared to taxi when very close to another plane, remember to use hold position and give way commands

Sequencing and clearing: DO IT EARLIER! The plane behind me got sequenced when he was on downwind, seqeunce the second they are air born. And clearance, I know you’re used to CAA rules, but clear earlier. I turned a tight final and hadnt received clearance, so opened the throttle and retracted flaps to go around, then as I was above the threshold you cleared me.
I requested southern departure, I belive (@GHamsz you’re a radar controller is this correct?) you needed to approve the request before handing me off to approach.

Approach looked fine, but you could have helped me intercept at <2000 feet instead of 4000. Didn’t see this so can’t comment, but remember that when you clear for approach, make sure angle of intercept is less than 30 degrees. Once they’ve successfully intercepted hand them off, but not before in case they execute missed approach.

All comments are constructive, have a nice day 👍

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Thanks very much, when I didn’t clear you for the departure it was because I didn’t get the option to do I handed you off to approach.

Thanks very much for flying.

I am now closed, thank you to all the ACFT that came, very stressful amount of traffic today.

Roger; also a useful tip, if you don’t want people to take off from not the start of the runway, their is a message in “misc messages” saying no intersection departures which means you need to go to the start

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Nah I was okay with that, some people didn’t need full length so there was no need, Thanks!

Nice use of line up and wait while Boeing 111 was still landing on runway then cleared me to take off after Boeing 111 had exited the runway. I laughed when you yelled at American 437 for requesting a frequency change after you told him to contact Tower when ready after taxi request and he said sorry.

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No problem, I’ll repeat it, I see potential. Consider joining IFTSATC (training server ATC) or do some more of this, working on the earlier sequencing and clearing

Haha, thanks for flying!

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