[CLOSED] ATC practice at LGA TS2

Come! I will be tower and ground.
At LaGuardia (KLGA)
In training server 2

Coming now JBU517

Be there in 5 minutes!

Is it open still?

Yeah sure but not for long might have to go soon

You already went … I’m opening KJFK!

I’ll come there in a minute!

Ok sounds good

I’m getting screenshots

Good ATC :)
Though I did laugh when I heard ‘frequency is busy transmit important messages’ when I was the only person there! :)

yeah, I wish it was busy tho

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I’m losing connection sorry but I have to close the tower.


So your closing it once and for all?

It’s OK because I have reopened LGA on TS2

Sadly, yes cause I have bad wifi now and have to have b fast soon but here are some screenshots

Never mind I got wifi back!! I can come. I’ll be N556PU

False Alarm, breakfast time. Sorry

If you have closed the frequency be sure to put [Closed] in the subject line. Also let us know if you reopen after breakfast.

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