[Closed] ATC Playground @ KLCT - Tower & Ground

Test my skills, have fun.
ATC on playground is open in KCLT
Region: Charlotte
Pattern: Accepted
Transition: SFC - 3300ft
Active Runways: 36L, 36C, 36R, 05
ATC other than tower and ground are welcome to be opened.

I will come and test your skills

I’ll be testing you like the real IFATC Tests so watch out

That’s ok … Maybe next time

I am back on and ATCing now

Ok I’ll come back … Be ready for a Big test

So how was I?


You done pretty good but have to work on a few points …

  • TRANSITIONS : 2000 ft is too low so please work on them

  • Quicker clear commands ( Clear a plane more quicker next time )

  • ONLY use exit runway commands when the plane is on the runway ( not on final or Still in the air )

Other than that you seem good to me ;)

IFATC CaptainDawud

How can I find out transition altitude?

The SFC as you stated above …

Helpful posts regarding transitions :