[CLOSED] [ATC Playground] EGLL - London Heathrow (GRD & TWR)

Server: ATC Playground.

Region: London.

Airport: EGLL - London Heathrow (GRD & TWR).

Time: (Now).

Note: Ground and Tower; help me practice for Test. If you join and you noticed that I made a mistake, please feel free to comment below so I can learn.

Heathrow is EGLL, Birmingham is EGBB.

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EGBB is Brimingham, are you controlling Birmingham or London Heathrow?

Over 45 min I come to EGBB to fly pattern if you still active

A typo guys… EGLL

Title Corrected :-)

See u in a min…

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Thanks Ice and sorry guys

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I come fly pattern
Callsign is: N1DS31

NOW CLOSE… A lot of undisciplined pilots!.. But there were also good pilots who listened …

Good handing of the trolls BTW, don’t forget the ‘report’ button, ignore the ‘score too low’ warning, just click it.

If you want more discipline from pilots control in less popular regions.

Paris, Oshkosh, Seattle, Denver, New York and So Flo are all less popular regions and you won’t have as many nimrods there.

I did not know it worked the same, thank you Ice!

Guys tomorrow I will do another session because today I also crash. Any suggestions?

Do EGGW! Good airport to control at!

EGGB or EGLC is good yo practice

Your favorite classe Charlie controller Dylan😉

No, I want more stress. I want to control an airport with at least 2 runways.

@MouseIT I find single runways worse, as you have more traffic to fit in. But if you want runways, try KDEN or KORD. Stay away from SoCal.