[closed] ATC @ PHOG PG

Please come and test me and please leave feedback,I have a final test in 1 week.

Let me check some F.A.P altitudes and I’ll be there. Will you vector me and tell me when to descend?

Im just tower and ground

Tower can vector too I think.

Hm not sure

I’ll still go.

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Tanks to all!good session!feedback appreciated!

That was hard, with the wind conditions.
My second landing was better than my first.
Too bad you just mist it.
I couldn’t say ‘Thank You’ back because I was on short final, having a hard time. ;)

Good luck with the test!!

Oh, I heard one thing.
Did you tell an aircraft to enter left base when it had just taken off?
It was supposed to land behind me. I was on right downwind.
Or was that another aircraft?

I was the aircraft told to make right downwind.

You should wait for the pilot to get into tower range, when you sent me the first “contact tower”, I was too far and didn’t have you in the ATC list.

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I always wondered how that worked.
Either you’re in range or you’re not, but it looks like towers have a wider range than aircraft. :)

Yes it was @Sturmovik i just give instructions before I leave tower

I don’t know very well,because some plane in some distance but in different parts connect with the tower in different times

I only heard ‘Enter left base’. Did I miss ‘Enter left downwind’?

I was told to enter right base, traffic to follow is on right downwind, and then to land.

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The only feedback I have is that you cleared me to cross runway 02 straight after you cleared me to taxi (I spawned on the southern side and needed to cross to depart) but as soon as I entered the runway you gave me a ‘You’re not cleared to enter the runway, please exit the runway.’ Other than that no problems.

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Aircraft have a range of 25nm for tower, how far was I when I appeared on your list?

Yes I told you to cross not back taxi

That’s true but if you have a look at the runway the taxiways are not directly opposite each other so you need to enter and make a left turn onto the runway and then a right turn onto the opposite taxiway. I guess i probably could have done it a bit faster but I was in a large aircraft.