Atc open at Honolulu, come along! Feedback appreciated

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I would’ve had you have been on south florida exploring the winds here lol


Would have defiantly opened thrre, unfortunately I don’t have it though

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@AdamCallow my fault, forgot to send left/right traffic

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Ok you are good. Just a few tips. (Callsign M-AGIC)

-When telling someone where to taxi consider where they are. 22R would off been the best option

  • When @Kieran_Lockhart got close to me you should of told him 360 or told him slow speed earlier
  • When using the L runway use Left traffic. You fixed it later but after the runway change it shroud of been said first.


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Yes and good reactions when I deliberately kept myself on the runway to see if you’d realise and give @AdamCallow the go around which you did

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