[CLOSED] ATC PG @ KSEA / Seattle

- Tower and Ground ATC available
- Pattern work accepted
- Runways in use: RWY 16R, 16C, 16L

METAR: KSEA 261153Z 13005KT 10SM FEW007 BKN044 02/00 A3053

NOTAM: Please follow instructions and be patient in heavy traffic. Pushback clearance may take a while. Thank you for cooperating and enjoy your flight!

@Captain_DJ @dush19 come along now if you want


Coming! I’ll be in a 737.

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Coming along in my 777-300ER.

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Thanks @LSZH34 !


I’m coming also.

Thansk everyone for coming and especially to those LISTENING. I have to get ready for my advanced test so expect many more ATC operations held by me ;)


@Captain_DJ you wanna come along ?

Yes! I love Birmingham, I think it’s where Jeremy Clarkson lives.

EDIT: He doesn’t live in Birmingham.


What happened?

I think I lost connection for a second

Meet at PAE?

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Pop in for some pattern work :D

Open now? @LSZH34?

Just opened

seems like your app crashed :D

I’ll come with an Air France!!

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don’t talk like that, it might crash…

Lost Connection.


Saw @dush19 in a B737BBJ 😉
I’ll come back soon!

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I’ll be closing in 5-10min though.

Question btw: I asked you to line up and wait and you responded but you didn’t line up and wait. Connection issues?

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Yeah there were some connection and issues in here. I’m very sorry about that.
and I’ll come back with my SQ’s A388 then