(Closed) ATC open @ KONT TS1 right now!

What the title says. I want to practice ATC. Please Come!

8R for arrivals. 08L Departures.


Sorry device quit. Coming back on.

server? Pilot



I’ll be there, going to fly as Air Force 050.

Awesome. Thanks!

By the way I am both Tower and Ground.

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I’ll be doing a Big Bear flight so look for me at L35

If someone wants to do approach they can.

Got it! I will look for you!


I see you at L35


Which runway are you using @Pilot_Schulze-Kalt

you gone???

I was 1st on the downwind and as you saw, I did short finals. You could’ve said I was first then extended my downwind the second time.

Sorry. Had to go.

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