[Closed] ATC Open @ KDEN

Once more on my nightly ATC controlling session. If you can come please do! Bring something of a fun show too ;) keeps the night fresh and enjoyable. I would also like to see some screenshots if you have the time! @Emil_Broe if you have the time :)

See you in the wild blue yonder

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i can come

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Sweet see ya there mate:)

which server?

sorry for the shit flying the stall speed on that thing is crazy but here is some things i saw\

1.you told me to enter the right downwind after im already in the pattern no need you dont do that
2.you told me to enter left base instead of right base
3.you cleared me twice so i hope you just forgot

you didnt do shabby if you ever do this again tag me

Thanks lol and I think I forgot you on that last comment you made. And I intentionally meant for you to enter left base Runway 35! But that’s okay lol

ok i was just wondering if im on right downwind how would i enter left base runway 34L now if you meant 35 that makes sense but you said 34 good job though

Thanks and I’ll tag you for the next controlling session :)

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