(closed)ATC Open KATW Oshkosh region TS1

Come do pattern work whatever. Have fun!


G’day @Rodney_Buckland !

Nice Controlling!

I’m very impressed! I Haven’t been this impressed with a TS1 controller in a while :)

Have you contacted a Scout/Trainer or even a recruiter for IFATC yet?

Callsign: KE-AST


You have some good ATC skills !

I just wanted to point out that the second time you changed me to runway 30 you cleared me but i didn’t know which traffic to make.

Anyways you did a really good job !
Have a nice day 😊

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Thanks for coming! Yeah I have. I don’t have the requirements in operations yet. I just do controlling every now and then but I try to make it professional

Sorry about that, I was getting a bit overwhelmed there lol. Thanks for coming

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You can stil contact a scout so they can see what you know etc. Gives you a better chance to be ready to sit the test when you can!

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