[Closed] ATC Open @ EGBB TS1

Please come along and enjoy yourself, I ask that you respect ATC commands and feedback any constructive comments via PM.

Much appreciated, Lou.


I’ll be there, doing some pattern work.

I’ll come, G-JOHN, a318

Whoever AustralianFlyer is needs to review their patterns. For some reason (not your fault) the patterns where going 10NM upwind then turned base at 10NM, which is far too big, and meant patterns were really long. I had to go early sorry.

  • When I reached the runway and requested take off I needed a hold short command faster

  • @ThomasR was too close to another aircraft on final - you need 3NM minimum

  • I was given a LUAW while another aircraft was on short final, resulted in a runway incursion


John, IFATC specialist

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Thanks, John,

Really enjoyed that, thank you, everyone, for your professionalism.

Shame about the few who wished to embarrass themselves, but then again, there is probably a reason they are banned from the forum! and at the end of the day, it is TS1!!

Thank you, good day!


Thanks @LouDon

Glad i made it in, managed one circuit. Apologies for the aborted takeoff, the Air Canada late crossing 33 was bigger than me 😁

Given the traffic and unpredictability of some flights I say you did well sir

Hope i returned the favour

Speedbird 1 8 8

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Pleasure to control, thank you guys!


Hopefully you’ve not referring to me! Haha. (Well, I’m not banned).

Some things I’ve notice:

  • the reason behind that I’ve asked for take off clearance after you’ve cleared me for take off was that with the LUAW instruction my initial intention (remaining in the pattern) has been “overwritten” and you’ve cleared me without assigning a traffic. this has been corrected by giving me pattern instructions after take off.
  • apart from the first pattern I’ve not been sequenced, I kept checking the map to see where I can make the base and final turn, basically whom should I follow
  • if someone is already assigned to a traffic, when clearing them for the option, it is unnecessary to say “after the option xx traffic” (unless runway change occurred, then it is “cleared for the option, after the option xx traffic”)
  • when I was on final, someone been cleared for immediate take off but they’ve messed it up. You should have instructed me to go around. I’ve announced it myself as I was over the threshold when this aircraft wasn’t airborne yet
  • on my map rwy33 turned red and rwy15 was amber though you haven’t announced “runway change in progress”. It wasn’t necessary and could have been difficult with all the traffic around, but sometimes it has to happen. Was more challenging to land (I managed to mess my landing up a bit, but that’s a different story)

It was a good session by the way, apart from all those who failed to follow the given instructions.

I would be more than happy to turn up and fly under your control if you want me to.

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After a LUAW when clearing for takeoff the game remembers intentions and will ask the controller left/right traffic actually :)

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Thanks, I’ll have a look. Anyway, I’ve received “cleared for take off” only. But as I said, it was nicely been followed with a pattern entry instruction, so did not make any difference. @LouDon did a really good job.


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