[Closed] ATC online @ EGLC TS1

Come and join me at EGLC (London city) on TS1. Feedback would be much appreciated.

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i’ll come in a BA A318

I came a few minutes ago (HB-ZRH / IFATC Adrien). Here’s my feedback:

  • You should sequence all the aircraft in your pattern. I didn’t knew who to follow.
  • Give an exit runway command when approaching 70-80 knots after touchdown.
  • Distribute landing clearances, especially when I have to state I’m on final three times! I still landed as the runway was clear.

I came for around 15 minutes, was on the ground the whole time. I was CAPT-M. Although I was on the ground, I noticed a couple things.

As @Adrien said, sequencing is very important. When you have a runway that requires backtaxi and there is a hold short area, have several aircraft backtaxi at once when you can. This saves a lot of time when you get busy.

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Thanks guys for the feedback and sorry for the disconnecting wi-fi.
Now, time for photos




Thanks for the feedback. I hope to improve next time. Also, enjoy the photos!


The controlling was pretty good, but on one of my approaches for a touch and go, I announced that I was on final, and you never acknowledged that. Just next time make sure you do. 😀

If your already cleared to land, no need to report position.

Please don’t give out information you are not sure about


Oh I didn’t know that. Good to know though, so thanks.

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