[Closed] ATC on TS1 at KCLT

Time: Starting now and will control for around 30 mins!

Server: Training Server 1

Place/Region: Charlotte Douglas Int’l (KCLT); Charlotte, NC

Services: Tower and Ground

Please leave feedback about my controlling, positive or negative, in the thread below!

on my way now. PH-ADZ

Thank you @azeeuwnl !

@azeeuwnl sorry about Philippines 2 1 8 5. He doesn’t understand.

No problem.

Each inbound always gets ONE pattern entry instruction. You gave me an Enter left downwind. After my near-midair-crash experience you gave me another Enter Left Base instruction. That was not needed.
My go-around announcement you handled well: first acknowledge with left or right turn and then one pattern instruction .

To be continued. …

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Thank you! Great info to learn off of!

On my second run, again two pattern entry instructions. Not needed.
Cleared for the option with exit direction: good.
After me touch and go you gave me a pattern instruction. This is not needed because I am already in the Pattern. So all you needed to do is wait for the right moment and clear me for the option.
Mr LOL could have taken off easily before me.
After.my touch and go you waited too long with the lineup and wait for this LOLLL guy. As soon as I touch he can begin his lineup. After I was in the air again you don’t need to line him up: you can just clear him for takeoff.

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Ok thx, didn’t know you didn’t have to send a pattern instruction if already in pattern.

After.my runway change request you gave me a new pattern entry instruction. Good.
But why did you hold short Mr LOL? He was on 18L and I was coming in on 18c?

Sorry I was reading your report. Should’ve paid more attention

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After landing try to give an Exit Runway instruction. Read the Community on this, as there are multiple possibilities here.
In my case, after landing on 18c you can issue the ‘exit runway, cross runway 18L and contact ground’

But you won’t need to cross 18L

'Full - stop means: landing. So you give a clear to land, not clear for the option .

That is true. Sorry, my thing on exit & cross is not applicable to this airport.

Instructuon is here by the way:

Ok that’s cool! Thanks so much for testing me! It gives a much better glimpse of what IFATC will be like for training!

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Note, I am not an official trainer. I’m just trying to help.

Once you are ready for formal training, contact a Tester. The procedure is on this Community somewhere.

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