Closed ATC - No Airport Open [Training Server 1]

I had an Idea,

why not open ATC on smaller airports that have commercial service?

My Goal is to open ATC on less know small regional airports (and some Municipal Airports that have ATC) and have them filled with airplanes departing and arriving from many locations around the USA, as well as arrivals from all over the world!

And so, when ever I feel like being ATC, Expect a Regional Airport (or Small International Airport) to be open When I have the time to be ATC

Today’s Airport:

Open ATC Frequencies:

Pattern work: N/A

All Commercial traffic should spawn at the terminal. General Aviation should spawn at their designated GA Ramps if Available. Military aircraft should spawn in the Military ramp area.

Runway in Use for departures:

Acceptable airplanes: All Airplanes accepted

If you want your local airport to have ATC, please shoot me a PM, and I’ll see what I can do :)

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KDSM ATC is still open!
forgot to include Training Server 1, and I have updated the Title :)

KDSM is closed.

I really hope this thread can be seen somehow. I will open another ATC some other day, really want to see some action at Smaller airport

I got a suggestion for an airport you can open:


It is my home airport in California, but it is not really controlled. It is a small international airport like KSAN and it is often forgotten because of the nearby KSFO and KOAK.

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@BigBert10 Thanks for your suggestion! It’s hard to get people to spawn into an airport if ATC is available, but SJC will be my next airport! I’ll see if I can open on Tuesday if I have the time.

I just hope people will come in is all.

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I would try EHAM if you are planning on doing one in the morning and KDEN at night. EHAM always has traffic that most importantly, listen.

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I wish KBHM would have ATC more often. It’s good if you just want a quick hop. 20 minutes to Atlanta

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I mainly want to do small airports in the United States, but I’ll keep that in mind :)

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Trying to get traffic that way will be very difficult, good luck though! I’ll stop by. :)

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KSJC will be my next airport, followed by KBHM. It may be hard, but I love seeing small airports have some traffic in them

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Finally got the time to open KSJC on Training Server 1!

Come in if you wish to fly to other places or just sightsee along the california coastline. KSFO is open nearby, so if you want a short flight, now’s your chance :)

KSJC was suggested by: @BigBert10

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Oh man! If only you told me that earlier! I could have come on! Sorry, dude, I am currently in the middle of a flight right now on the expert server. :(

unfortunately, the only time i’m ever open is the night time, as I have work

I have school during the day on weekdays as well. :)

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KSJC is alive! So much traffic! Keep em coming :)

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From what I saw, you really need a lot more learning and training.

Of course I do, why do you think I hold these sessions :)

A good one hour worth of ATC! I’ll be doing more when I have the time. Thanks to those who came along!

KSJC is now closed

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You did good I keep requesting take off so early when someone is just takeing off I was the delta connection plane

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