[CLOSED]ATC Needed @ EHAM/EDDL - 072000ZJAN17

Hi could we get EHAM ground and Tower open at 20:00 GMT for our event on TS1, we also need EDDL ground and Tower at 20:00 GMT, comment below if interested ASAP.

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I have Some time then

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Thanks could you take EHAM if possible

Why don’t you post this on your event instead of using storage of the forum

Yes Allright I Will be there at 20:00 GMT

Hi this is ATC related :) and we weren’t sure of ATC at the time of posting the event!

Thanks a lot

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Just post it underneath the last comment so people will see

It’s ATC related , I’m leaving it here for now :)

@Thomas_Ralph i changed your title a bit just to make it more clearer , hope you don’t mind. If your prefer the other way feel free to change it back …


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Thanks Joshua was about to say thanks, I wasent sure of how to lay out the title. Thanks a lot @Joshua_Fleming ;)

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It’s not an event. It was fine how it was. :)

I understand that , but it gets the point across quicker to any people scrolling through the list of topics …

The new title is fine

Exactly Flemming :)

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I can offer Zello ATC tonight

Please read the date this was 7 days ago. If you want to provide zello to people make a post in #live:atc around 24hours before so that people can see. Give details of where when and what you’re going to be doing. Good luck

Wren I’m going to put closed so people know.

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