[Closed] ATC @ London Heathrow (EGLL) Playground

When you see a 747 barrelling down the outer taxiway you don’t try and cut infront of it i even told you to wait.

You only told me to stand by. I didn’t see the 747. You should have told me to hold position.

its not ATC’s duty to ensure a safe distance it is yours. You have eyes.

you didnt request taxi on ground frequency I didnt expect you to move away so fast.

How was I supposed to see him he was behind me. Also I did request it.

ok well you did but i didnt approve it so that means wait.

All you said was standby so I was going to wait at the taxi line. You should have told me to hold position.

stand by means I’m busy. just as effective as hold position when i haven’t approved a movement.

Never mind this lets just say we both messed up.

if you are at a gate and request pushback and the ATC says standby what do you do? you don’t pushback. sorry man i fly planes irl

No same here I am currently studying. Also those are under different circumstances. If you aren’t in movement then you stay still if you are in movement you continue unless told to hold position.

Standby means I’ll be back

when you leave the runway you wait for ground to pick you up. you don’t continue moving its seamless generally but in this case there was a 747 to the left of you. so you had 2 reasons to wait.

I had no visual of the 747 he looked further away on radar. Also he was moving way faster than me.

you are supposed to wait when you get off the runway

I was going to at the Taxi line.

you did really well beforehand man… but you didnt.

lets just agree to disagree

What do you mean by that?

well you didnt request landing more than once lol. it was literally just that one bit where you didnt actually wait and it caught me off guard.