[Closed] ATC @ KSSC [Training Server 2]

I’m practicing my ATC skills again.
I’ll attend the written test to become an Advanced Controller tomorrow, I’d like to see some people doing some touch’n goes :)
feedback would be appreciated!


Well…coming over for a round or two…

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Im not IFATC but i think that was pretty good, just too little people =p

All the best for your IFATC written test.

Thanks for hosting ^^

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Good luck with the written test! If you’re practicing again I’d be happy to join you as approach or ground if your doing tower, I’m in training too. Just give me a shout!

Unless you’ve beeen controlling for the last 5 hours please change your tittle next time to: [Closed]

If you’re practicing again, I’ll help out. I need to get some landings in for XP so I’ll stay in the pattern. You’ll be able to practice sequencing if you get enough.

Sorry, I totally forgot that

Tag me if you need pilots next time. 👍🏼

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