[Closed] ATC @KSSC (Training Server 2)

Practicing my ATC skills again.
Feedback would be appreciated :)

It was a really nice time! You have nice skills! Some screenshots (I was Flagship 002) ;D



OK you were great. I was Infinite Flight 2016 .You noticed the fact that I needed to go around I had actually just throttled up and about to report it but then you told me.

Also you could of told me to cross 4L in your exit command as no-one was inbound

I had to check which server I was on as I thought I was on expert.

Haha thanks :).
Yeah sorry about the Go around. There was someone in Grade 1, he didn’t follow my instructions and he entered on the runway without permission.

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Are you ATC on Expert too? :)

I had a great time image

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If he isn’t then he should be!

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Totally! He’s very good. Exactly 5 days ago I was in that airport testing myself with moderators to become ATC, I could get it in some days! :)

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Not yet ;)

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Contact with any ATC recruiter and try it! :)

Yeah I’m already in contact with one, I’ll attend the written test next Thursday.

Good luck!

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