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Accepting pattern work at KSSC in Charlotte. I need some more practice on Atc patterning. Show up and help me out. Welcome feedback


after already telling someone on takeoff to make right traffic when clearing for the option you don’t say after option make right traffic

Ok thanks. Noted

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So I came do some patterns as Lufthansa 304 (display name ‘Adrien’) and here is your feedback:

  • You got two runways. Why do you only use one?

  • If I take off runway 22R, you don’t need to give me enter pattern instructions like ‘enter right downwind runway 22R, number 2, traffic to follow is on final’ as I’m already in this pattern. You should sequence me like 'Lufthansa 304, number 2, traffic to follow is on final. Only use the enter pattern instruction when an aircraft is inbound OR when you’re switching runways.

  • You cleared me for the option and I did a low pass. You told me to go around, you shouldn’t as it was planned. ‘Cleared for the option’ means I’m cleared for landing, touch and go, low pass and stop and go.

  • Try to expedite a little bit more departures.

Otherwise you did a great job. If you need some more help, I would contact the IFATC scout team. They do a great job and explained me a lot about ATC. :-)

Hope I could help,

Sorry for my bad English

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I didn’t know option was also for low pass. Also thanks for coming out and giving feedback

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first off sequencing is part of pattern instructions but lots you said was true cori i was the jet and when i was there 2 aircraft in the entire area and it took way to long for responses keep on learning get a scout to train you.You have potential but it need some work best wishes Nuoneswars

Thank you so much for your feedback Nuo. I really appreciate it. I will work on my speed as that was part of my issue during my practical

I know that, what I mean is that if I’m taking off and landing on the same runway I only need to know who to follow as I’m already in the pattern.[quote=“Adrien, post:4, topic:49555”]
Only use the enter pattern instruction when an aircraft is inbound OR when you’re switching runways.


the way you word it know i agree with once your already in the pattern the controller should not repeat themselves

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