(Closed) ATC KSJC TS1

Hello! This is the first time I am advertising ATC here in the community. Come see us! 

Server: TS1
Location: KSJC
ATC: Ground & Tower
Start Time: 1830Z (1:30pm EST)
End Time: 1930Z
Weather: at 1800Z forecast shows light NW winds, 10 miles visibility
RWY: 30R & 30L will be used

I will NOT be monitoring this post during ATC work so I can focus and ensure the highest quality of service. Your feedback is appreciated!


I will join for 10 or so mins

Edit: Had to go , sorry.


Hey, nice job! That was fun. I brought my CCX and JetBlue E190 for playtime. The last minute runway change was good clean fun.

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Thank you! Sorry I had to correct a couple of messages :).


No problem! Hopefully you can make next time!

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It’s easy to send the wrong thing with tiny letters and big fingers.


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