(Closed) ATC @ KSJC TS1

Controlling Ground and Tower at KSJC on TS1. I am practicing for my practical so it would be much appreciated if you could come fly and leave some feedback. Thanks for your support!

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Where are you at, KSAN OR EGKK ?

I suggest an airport with parallel runways

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Gatwick, San Diego is a mess

Try Ksjc in San Fran

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Ok I’ll setup there, Heathrow is taking what little traffic there is

Will come also

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I will try and get some other scouts /Atc to join me

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Thanks and I’m controlling now

Where at filler


Open at KSJC in San Fran region. Not San Fran airport

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I will come along. But I can’t stay too long, getting late

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Ok very good. Only thing is you told an aircraft in front to takeoff with 2nm between the landing aircraft (me) and the departing aircraft. You got away with it but with a heavy or a super you might not off.

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Thanks for flying

Thanks to everyone who came out. This helped me a lot and was a lot of fun. Thanks again guys.

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Ok… so here’s my feedback (granted I am a newby… so don’t pay too much attention to me!) My call sign is MGJ83.

  • Requested take off 30L remaining in the pattern, instructed to do left traffic (simple flight plan showing going back to KSJC)

  • After take off I turned left end entered downwind. Here is a little difference I noticed from most ATC in Expert - they would have told me to enter downwind - not saying what you did is wrong (remember, I am a newbie), just that I’d usually get that, I did enter downwind without being instructed to do so.

  • On downwind I requested permission for touch and go on 30L, immediately cleared for the option so I almost immediately turned base (tight pattern) and when aligned with RWY reported final - got “Roger” - few seconds later a request to go around, it was very windy (19knots+) and I had a hard time going around and trying to look at the map to find out why - I think there was an aircraft on the RWY.

My feedback on this go around - good call on making me go around, but the go around was created by the cleared to land - if you had just told me to enter downwind I’d have not done the tight pattern and typically I’d extend the downwind and intercept further away to allow time to get clearance for landing - another option would be to say you’d call my base… anyway, I don’t know what is the right answer here, just saying there’s some room for improvement.

  • After going around you cleared me again, it was very windy and I had a hard time intercepting - had to declare missed approach… third time around finally did touch and go.

  • Another pattern work using left downwind RWY 30L and full stop.

Overall - nice work! I hope my feedback helps.

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Thanks and welcome to the community, when a controller clears you to land or for the option the base turn is at your discretion, unless the controller tells you that they will call your base or tell you to turn base. You are right about the downwind, my bad should’ve given you an entry command on your first pattern. BTW I would never give a pilot a go around command for weather or bad positioning, that is the pilots call to make, the reason I gave the go around was an aircraft on the runway. Thanks again for the feedback and for coming out to fly.

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I was in the United Dash 8.

First pattern: Good sequencing. Asked me for intentions? I was a bit confused since I said I would be in the pattern at takeoff request and you had sequenced me. Not a big deal, I figured maybe you wanted to know if I was landing or doing touch and go. Perhaps you could have just cleared me to land with the option, that would cover both bases.

Second pattern: Good pattern instructions and sequencing with the runway change request. Would have been better to tell me to enter right downwind instead of right base as I was left with a short final and didn’t lose altitude fast enough to avoid the missed approach.

Third pattern: All good. Great instructions to cross runway 30R and contact ground.

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Thanks for your feedback and for coming out

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