(Closed) ATC @ KSJC (San Francisco Region) TS1

Hi guys, I think I am going to try to take my practical this weekend so if you could come out and test my skills it would be much appreciated. Also, if you could leave your feedback that would be great.

Thanks guys for coming out and flying. I apologize for some mediocore ATC, I was dealing with a lot of newbs. However I found the session very helpful. Thanks for your support guys.


I am coming

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I’ll try and get there if you’re still on in an hour or so. If not, good luck for your practical!


Will come!



  • Pattern Entry when I am already in the pattern
  • If I am in your house, would you invite me again?
  • No Sequencing
  • Incorrect Pattern entry for the Jet Airways who climbed at 90 knots
  • Late Exit Command

Suggestion - Dont take your practical with these skills, I see an easy 30 day FAIL.

Good 1119XP ;)


Thanks for your feedback

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Just as a feedback, even though there was no aircraft ahead, I was given number 2 clearence for touch and go.


I wasn’t available to come today , but tomorrow if you decided to reopen tower for some feedback let me know and i shall come along ! :)

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I’m probably going to open at EDDL later today or tonight, In the meantime going to rewatch the tutorials.


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