Atc open at KSFO, come along feedback Appreciated


I’ll come :)

Here’s my feedback

  • Late clearances
  • Gotta kill those Rogers
  • Unnecessary extend downwind for Chris, he was way out and there would’ve been enough space anyways
  • late responses
  • Made me #3 behind 2 old and slow ppl. Should’ve made me #1 considering I was near the airport and I was doing tight patterns
  • Also on ground he was using the runway number I was closes to instead of active for the crossing…

Time difference maybe as I live in Great Britain, understood the extended downwind, true. When you were number 3, I thought he was going to turn base earlier? Sorry but don’t understand the last one. Thanks!

When I was crossing the runway, I asked to cross 19L. You said “Cross runway 01R”. Best practice is to use the “active” side of the runway. Not a big deal but just pointing it out.

Be careful when you are asking pilots to turn base. Sometimes we may not be at the right altitude for the base turn at that time and it could cause us to go around if we turn base too soon. I was pretty close to the end of the runway when I had the base turn. If you were intending to call our base, give us the “I’ll call your base” so we know to expect that command from you.

When giving cross runway command you give the active runway number crossing not the nearest end to the runway.

Ok sorry, thanks for the feedback

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thanks for the base instruction!

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