[Closed] ATC @ KSEA (Training Server 1)

I’m gonna be practicing my ATC at KSEA in 10 minutes on TS1. I need to practice being tower ATC so I can apply to be an IFATC. Feel free to come and give me constructive criticism or other feedback!

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I’ll try to make it!

I’m coming

Good work with your sequencing… I guess…? Still doesn’t work right on TS 1. Biggest thing I saw was your runway change, which was incorrect. Should have been a pattern entry to the runway I requested, then a clearance

Were you the fighter that took off in the wrong direction and tower kept sending you an on guard?

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Thanks for the feedback, you were the grade 5?

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Thanks to everyone who showed up. It was fun

Yeah, that was me. I was going to hold for the aircraft but that was a different taxiway ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Taxiway? You mean runway

Ya, that F/A 18 scared me to death. Was on final and he traced me. Amazing ATC David. Everything was in point.

Taxiway. You gave me a give way for an aircraft pushing back but that aircraft was on a different taxiway parallel to mine

Don’t forget, you can report nimrods. Three different reports and they’re user ghosted

Oh yea, I was looking at my radar and saw that you guys were real close. You did the right thing, once I looked up from the radar I realized you could go past

Yea, that grade 1 nimrod was annoying

Yep. He was.

What was his display name?

XXX Something. / Barack Obama

Barack Obama. his callsign was 666xx

Hmm. If this happens again, report him.

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You sometimes need to crack the peanut, just to find out the truth.