(Closed) ATC KSAN

Come to KSAN! I am ATC’ing


On Training server 1

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Not a fun day to control on ksan =p

You should try utilizing the pattern commands as well as sequencing. Of course they might not understand but those who do will really help you out alot.

Instead of asking someone to go around when they were approaching by 090, at around 10miles out i believe you can have them enter a pattern using the pattern commands.

Also one part i noticed where you cleared someone for immediate take off when an aircraft is 1nm away. Im not personally efficient with this yet but i find 3-4nm to be a safer distance to clear an aircraft.

By learning to use line up and wait command can help you expedite departures too.

I know you didnt ask for feedback but it’ll really help even in TS1 to utilise some of these commands


I apprieciate feedback.

I do sometimes us the Line up and wait Command, however, I did not know about the pattern Commands.

At that 1nm takeoff thing - I noticed myself that I had messed up badly.

Thank you!

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And yes, people, please post feedback.

Here is a tutorial that might help with sequencing and patterns

Some of these can be found in tutorials, you can also search using the search bar at the top. If you cant find what you want, playing around with certain keywords will change the search scope.

Good luck ^^

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I just ended. My experience:
I had large traffic which was not hard to control but difficult.
I had mini-planes disobeying, cutting in-line.
Overall: I liked it. It was hard but I liked it.

Thanks for tunning in, feedback is apprieciated!

I was controlling KSAN at 12:00GMT it was absolute hell! Nobody was listening but it was fun all the same

Yeah, KSAN can be a pickle sometimes. I Remember that a few months ago I ragequited at KSAN, because there was sooooo muuuuch traffic.

So true, it’s the same at KLAX everyone cuts in line😒

Yeah. Once, I tried controlling there and basically never came back 😁

Lol?? I understand what you mean, just kinda funny 😂

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