[Closed] ATC KSAN ts2

I am gonna controll at KSAN on training server 2 in about 5-10 min. leave an comment if you are gonna circuits or fly to an other airport or Come to my airport. and also put your callsign in the comment :).
I Will controll for an hour if someone wanna take approach or ground or departure then also write it down so i know that. i Will controll tower.

You should probably take ground aswell as it is good practice, will come

Doing circuits, KY0102 in a A319. Do announce when you are on ^^

Yes i Will but if someone wanna take ground or something else if nobody picks ground i Will de both

I Will! Ammounce :)

I will be BONFT

What is your callsign and from where are you gonna fly?

I will do Patterns

Ok cool:) 5min guys!

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I’ll be there flying some patterns in a B737. FFT121

Ok guys airport is going online!

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