Hello i am gonna do tower at ksan airport if someone wanna take ground or approach then write it down in the comment otherwise i Will do ground and tower. Also if you are gonna fly pls put your callsign in comment and Also what you are gonna do. I Will be controlling for an hour

Is your objective to become an IFATC in the future?

Yes i really wanna be an ifatc

Great! In that case I’m going to come to test your skills. Callsign: HB-ZRH
//IFATC Adrien (ATC Specialist)

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Ok thnx man!!:D

ATC is going active now!

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Gonna come do some pattern work real quick

On my way from KCRQ…

You were not bad at all! Great overall, but there is some important points you need to train:

  • Don’t give a pattern entry to an aircraft who’s remaining in the pattern. Do give a pattern entry for inbound traffic.
  • Distribute sequencing as quick as possible so everyone knows who to follow.
  • You gave me a really late go-around command.
  • As I was performing a low-pass, you shouldn’t give me a go-around message.

Continue to train and get in touch with a scouter and I’m sure you will get there! Never give up! :)

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