Closed ATC KPSP TS1 Please Read Notam

LAX, not KSNA, which is a GA dominated airport. Try KLAX and tell me how it is then :).

I hope it doesn’t sound rude, not trying to be.

You said the vicinity of LAX. There is a difference. Not sure what GA means but I get many different aircraft at KSNA. Might be a stupid person in aviation but at least I have a basic understanding of the English language.

I still do not understand this. I have only had 2 aircraft at a time and not more. Please explain?

I am now closed thank you to everyone that flew in. Hopefully I can get more aircraft next time.

No, KSNA is very commercial!!image
Real photos at KSNA!


Ok @youngbombs I think there was alot of good potential I saw. I’m happy to see that you understand what the up wind,cross wind, downwind, base and final turns are.

Your sequencing was on point and I think that will become your strong suit so long as you remember to give them as soon as you can. Tyler says in his video tutorials to sequence, clear and your done…those words are stuck in my head lol 🤤😂

Anyway, I requested a transition and you replied with “say intentions”. A transition allows an aircraft to fly through your airspace. A recent change made all airports (in the game) air space from surface to 5,000 ft. Anything above 5,000 ft isn’t your airspace and aircraft won’t (shouldn’t) request a transition​ above 5,000ft. A good transition is 3,000 ft because it allows an aircraft to fly through your airspace and join the pattern if they requested it

I think you did awesome and I think after your carefully review the ATC and tutorials category and the ATC flight tab you should contact a recuriter and or supervisor I think you met @Brandon_Sandstrom already I’m still polishing my skills myself so nice job asking for help. Sorry if any info is incorrect in advance.

See you in the skies

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Thank you for flying all those patterns. I was confused as to why you requested a transition out of the blue on the middle of your downwind leg during one of the patterns. That was why I asked you to say intentions. I am not sure if I am correct though. @Brandon_Sandstrom can you confirm?

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Your welcome and Yeah @youngbombs that was a bit unrealistic on purpose…Just wanted to see where your head was at on transitions also nice job on the go around…I turned base early behind the Q400 to see how fast you would issue the go around. I’m not a scouter or recruiter im just giving feedback

Verify with supervisors and be cautious of advice you get from people… Always wanna make sure it’s coming from knowledgeable sources​

What? Lol. You literally have me dying right now from this statement. Just because KSNA is an airport that has small runways does not rule out that it cannot service airlines. If fact, KSNA has the smallest runway for commercial airline service. Unless you consider the 737, 757, A300 and the A320 line of aicraft GA, you must be misled. GA dominated is not the right wording.

Take this information for example:
Aircraft operations: avg 714/day *
33% commercial
31% transient general aviation
30% local general aviation
5% air taxi
<1% military

  • for 12-month period ending 31 December 2016

Information taken from link below⬇️

A picture taken by me at KSNA about a year ago. 😉

It pays to research before you post.


Open now at KONT on the southern california region.

Ever been to KLAX? 20-30 planes at once on 4 runways, but at KSAN/KPSP/KNUC you’ve got 20 planes on one runway

I would rather kill myself than control at LAX on TS1


Sometimes when I’m ATC tower and I have about 10 planes about to take off and another 5/10 requesting to land, I literally get stressed out

I could probably handle if I had people who listen to what i tell them. I usually never get more than 2-3 aircraft at once so a few more would be no problem.

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I am now closed thank you to everyone that flew in. It finally got busy for my first time. Any feedback please post here.

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Sorry whenever I resquested frequency change I though you said something to me and I was going to see what you said and I accidentally hit the frequency change button :(

But I think you did great! I had a lot of fun even though I showed up at the last minute! :) my only question is what were you using 26L for? I didn’t see anyone using it but there was like 3 or 4 planes waiting to depart 26R :) (I wasn’t really paying attention to 26L though so there might have been people there too I just don’t remember seeing anyone)

Thankyou, I think you did a really good job! I think that was the first time in a long time I’ve had to abort my landing due to an idiot who decided to enter the runway when I was only 100/200ft AGL, If that was on the expert server he would have bin ghosted, if that was in real life which that would never have happened, the idiot would be in serious trouble and I would have almost crashed, well…I think almost crashed is an exaggeration but you know what I mean, you did the right thing telling me to make a go around :)

I used 26L to reduce the traffic load on 26R or when there were aircraft in the west side of the airport to give them a shorter taxi. I did give inbounds 26L a few times when there were planes flying patterns on 26r but most if not all of them did not listen and ended up going on the right 😡

I got the departures out fairly quickly anyway so the line never exceeded 3 aircraft.

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Thanks that person was not doing anything I told them to and basically went by what they wanted to do. Very frustrating. Sorry for the go around.