(Closed) ATC @ KPSP TS

Come along to KPSP on the training server as for the next 45mins I’m doing tower. I’m controlling and would like to get some feedback from you guys ! Please be honest with your feedback !



Finally their will be a pro on TS!


I sadly can’t come, going out for lunch with some friends. But if you ever do this again, I’ll definitely be there!

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Sadly I had to close earlier then expected , I can NOT deal with 30+ aircraft who refuse follow basic instructions and also have no clue how to fly a simple pattern. Thanks to everyone who came before it got ridiculously busy !

I will probably set up a private PM for those who want to come for a invite only ATC event in a less crowed region in the future as I can’t deal with the rookies in SoCal! PM me if interested

Big shout out to "Buddha Air " for taking off without permission !

yooo PM me

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