[Closed] ATC @ KPSP (Training server 1)

Any criticism is very welcome.

Current active runways: 31 L & R

Ground: IFFG- Jonas SB
Approach: free

Current traffic amount: High.

@Captain_Infinite you’re welcome again. ;)

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If you want to practice for your practical IFATC Test remember that you Must Open Tower and Ground for your Test 😉😅

That’s okay. :) I mainly have to practice sequencing atm.

Can I be app

Very welcome.

Someone got ahead of me :/

Yup, I see…

I’m center right now

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Got it I’m app

Alright, nice!

Why are you saying just only sequecing? You should say who I have to follow.

Hmm I did, I screenshotted it because I also thought it was weird. I’ll post it once I’m done. Then we will look at it.

So, I have a couple of things first the command “sequencing” that’s the only thing you said, I did not know who I had to follow. Then you cleared me for number two but also didn’t told me who I had to follow. And don’t say make left traffic al the time only when I want to take off or you want to chance my direction.

Oh no I missed it 😔😔 are you doing another 😏

I just closed. But I’ll probably do another run after this one. @Wolff_Stolk look at the screenshot, didn’t you got that message? I also thought it was weird because I didn’t receive a reply. You are the highlighted plane and the plane below was Japan Air, which was on right downwind.

Oh oke, on my screen I only saw sequencing

Now that is really weird. I can’t even send a message with only ‘Sequencing…’.
@Laura Any idea why these messages were not delivered? (or should I tag someone else for this?)

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