[Closed] ATC @ KPSP (Training server 1)

Any criticism is very welcome!

---- Active runways: 31L & 31R ----

On my way delta 517 but it will probably crash (the app, not my flying)

Alright, hopefully see you soon then! I don’t think it will crash, it’s not that busy at the moment.

I’ll come and do some touch and goes

Alrighty! :)

Just saying, aircraft should be taking off from the green runways

I try to, without ground control that’s difficult to do though. :/ When the situation allows it, I clear them for take-off, just to avoid situations where they take off anyway. But yeah, good notice.

@Phoenix do you have more suggestions?

Sorry I didn’t stay long, needed to get myself sorted in real life! Really good from what I saw. Do you know who was on approach? They were sending me on guards when I was on a 3 mile final lol

Yeah same idk what the approach guy was doing

@sness @Phoenix Oh I have no idea who that was. I didn’t notice he didn’t do his job right, as I can’t hear the communications through approach. Shame. :/

Any pilots who want to do some pattern work? I’m still open.

Edit: Now closed as there was no traffic.

Not all the time, if a runway is green, I doesn’t always mean it should take off from that end, same goes when the runway is red, if wind is red it doesn’t mean it is inactive, it just means the wind is going in the same direction as the runway, unless the wind is very strong. e.g if 3 people are on final and the wind changes direction, you wouldn’t tell them to go to the other side of the runway as it is pointless. Just a tip :)

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