[closed] ATC KPSP pg

Feel welcome to come and test my ATC skills.

Mention server too!

On my way, I’m guessing PG :)

Aorry you are right

Awesome job man! Sequencing was perfect. Only suggestion I have is wait till the aircraft has landed before telling to exit runway and contact ground etc.

Hi @MarcelloM, I’m going to be brutally honest about your ATC performance.

I was JetBlue 891, I did a quick pattern test flight around Palm Springs.

Negative Comments:

Okay so I noticed when I started and for other aircraft, you instructed people to taxi befor they requested taxi. If you did this Becuase you wanted a specific pushback direction, don’t worry about it. It’s there fault for whatever direction they pushback.

This also includes patience just wait until they are ready to taxi. Lastly, don’t repeat some messages, I understand fht emessages got confusing we I exited the runway, partly my fault but when I was nearly at the gate you instructed me to taxi to parking. I don’t no if you did it by accident or what? Also remember to use the exit runway commands.

Positive Comments:

Okay now for positive :). So It’s good that you know your taxiways and traffic, since you have a good knowledge of giving way and controlling crammed aircraft. This also includes departures and arrivals.

You also showed good pattern work knowledge. Not many PG ATC pilots know how to use it properly, this includes sequencing aircraft.

Very well done and I enjoyed being controlled by you! With the suggestions from the negative, being worked on I suggest going for Advanced ATC.

hello, meanwhile, thank you very much for being.taxi: If I already know where I have to send them give him the instruction of where to go (to speed up procedures). you were in t & g and you are left in the runway, maybe you had to tell me “in the final full stop”, when you were coming out of the track, there was another plane ready to taxi, I told him to give way to you, for this I told you again taxi to parking. however, your criticisms are constructive and appreciate it, thanks for your positive comments, I will continue to work for improve.thank you!

I’m glad that you enjoy my ATC,thank you so much for coming and for your good feedback!

Anytime matey, em if you’ve cleared me for the option or land I don’t need unessessary broadcasts like on final. :)

Doesn’t matter if it speeds put the process to instruct taxis it’s a bit pushy for us pilots but anyway I’ll stop this criticizing behavior and say thank you!

Of course mate!no prob thank you so much!

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