[Closed] ATC @ KONT (Training server 1)

Any criticism is very welcome.

Current active runways: 26R & 26L.

If anyone wants to do ground control, you’re very welcome. (currently occupied)

On my way!

I can be ow yeaaaaaaaa`

Coming now Delta99 777-200LR :D

I don’t think TS1 has been updated to accommodate the update. I’m hearing sequencing… Sorry

Nice guys!

I get told by ground to taxi to 08L get to 08L then tower tells me 26R?

Ground isn’t really working with me indeed… I’ve been using 26 was before ground was online, so that’s kind of shitty.

Edit: Sorry that I told you otherwise, but I can’t just swap runway directions with every plane. So all in one direction.

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It’s fine no worries I understand lol I’ll be doing some pattern work touch and goes :)

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Gotta close rather unexpected this time, sorry about that. Tried to clear everyone in sequence for landing before I left. Any feedback?

Thanks for controlling today ^^ I guess one of the thing i could comment on was one of my mistake i made yesterday =p I misjudged someone’s final distance and cleared someone to take off, not sure if that happened for you or something else happened.

Other wise, i enjoyed it ^^

Had an enjoyable time with you controlling today, when you do anymore don’t forget to tag me and I’ll come along for the ride :D

@Yunkeru You’re welcome! Today I once cleared someone to takeoff where I shouldn’t because it was too close, the other times it were just pilots who didn’t listen and just took off.

@Captain_Infinite Good to hear! I will surely tag you next time.

Any more tips?

Most definitely be good give you some more experience handling traffic as well whilst I do pattern work,

Erin everything was great as far I was concerned one little thing I’d say is you send me downwind to turn downwind halfway down the glide slope lol it’s fine though not to worry practice makes perfect :) defo tag me see you soon pal. :)

Alright, I will keep that in mind. Good feedback. :)

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