[Closed] ATC @ KONT (Training server 1)

Anyone out there to join my airport? All criticism is very welcome.

Edit: changed to KONT as there was no traffic

Holy crap, a grade 4 pilot who doesn’t understand a Line up and wait order?

Edit: what a mess. 50% does not even try to listen.

I crashed lol. Southwest 216

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Haha it was you. :) I already thought, “wow, that guy stopped really fast”. : ')

Are you still open ?

I sure am!

I know. I might be back when i get my landing gear fixed haha

I will join

Nice! @Wolff_Stolk See you soon then. It’s a bit more quiet at the moment. Was really busy 30 min ago.

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It was pretty good although their weren’t that much people.

Yeah it’s quiet for the last hour. Any criticism though?

I am not sure for the go-around. I am not familiar with the respond to go-around sign but I thought that controllers that to say which pattern you should enter but I am not sure.

Good point. I think, since I say Make Right Traffic, you enter the right downwind automatically. Right?

Edit: sorry, overlooked the go-around. Yeah, I think that went okay.

Edit 2: @Wolff_Stolk You’re gone and it’s chaos again. Too busy!

Edit 3: IF crashed… I think the server is overloaded, lol.

Edit 4: Tower closed. @Juanca Any feedback?

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You handled good from my point of view. Even with the good amount of traffic. Thanks for giving pattern instructions, sometimes atc doesnt give it.

Thanks for opening kont up and letting me do pattern work, and practice my landings 😑. My phone struggles with the traffic I’m realizing.

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Thanks for your reply! I still feel I have to work on those pattern instructions, to be perfect, but right now it’s still solid indeed. Thanks again!

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