[Closed] ATC @ KMLI - PG

Come and have some fun, either doing pattern or flying out/in. Follow the information below to get more details:

Region: Chicago (USA)

Airport: KMLI: Quad City Intl

Server: Playground

Pattern Work: Accepted

Did you enjoy your session? (Only players who were invlolved may vote)

  • Yes
  • No

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Aww I’m busy :(

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Can’t manage a single touch & go? :)

Till when will you be open? I’m travelling rn

Another 15-20 minutes

I’ll try, coming now. How’s the traffic? :)

Huge Dush, you know how it this time of day ;). Youll probably be the only one. Ill also give you some crazy pattern instructions since Im so flat out.

Thats the most fun Ive had all day, least I made you work :)

Feedback (not much)

  • No exit runway command
  • Cleared for the option on full stop?

Bye, thanks.

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I did give the exit runway command ha ha ;), the moment you left, on runway

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