CLOSED ATC @KMIA (Miami) TS1 (SoFlo)

Come and join me for some fun flying throughout florida! Hope to see you there! Open now for at least a couple of hours!

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Wish I could but I don’t have that region :(

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Hi, You need to improve overall. I am doing touch and goes and you cleared me to land, Please use the clear for the option as that clears an aircraft for touch and goes, full stops, stop and go, and low passes. Also please clear for the option on downwind as opposed to short final so you dont have any problems down the road. Also i saw that you gave an aircraft a tranition of 14,000 feet, your airspace extends to 5,000 feet in infinite flight and anything above that shouldn’t need a transition.
Also you told make to make left traffic for runway 8L, the runway is on the left side of the airport there fore you should of told me to make left traffic as opposed to right traffic. I requested for a runway change to 8R, you just cleared me to land. In order to execute a runway change please give me a pattern entry eg enter right/left downwind 8R, Sequence me to another aircraft if nesscessary, then clear me for the option with a left/right traffic instruction. Please check out this channel by our ATC Manager @Tyler_Shelton it will help & teach you allot of major principles while controling. Thanks for the service and goodluck!


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Same here its a sad life

Please change your topic to closed because you are not open

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